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Fast transaction

Treasure Financial Coins can be send in less
than 2 minutes around the world.

Possibility to load our Credit Card

You always have the possibility to load your
TFC on our credit card to withdraw it.

Unique partner program

You can earn commissions through referrals.
At each trade of your partner you earn 1%.

Instant exchange of your crypto currency to EUR

You can exchange any coin to Euros. You just have to exchange your coins to TFC. After that it's possible to load them on our mastercard. You can use our card in more than 40 million shops and stores worldwide.

Our unique features

International Network

Recommend us and earn money with every transaction. You can build an international team on 3 levels.

Initial public offering

You have the opportunity to buy our "Treasure Financial Coin" in the pre-sale for 1€ per coin. Initial public offering starts on November 1st.

Exchange in seconds

Use our telegram bot to change the most popular coins in seconds to "Treasure Financial Coin".

Load your funds on our credit card

Your funds will be deposit in Euros on your Mastercard. So you can pay with "Treasure Financial Coin" at 40 million shops worldwide.

Frequently asked questions

How long does a exchange take?

A trade never takes more than 30 minutes. Normally, the process takes between 2 and 3 minutes.

What are the costs?

For the exchange we take 2%. Of this, 1% goes to our partner program.

When will the coin be listed on the stock exchange?

The coin will be listed on 7 exchanges on November 01.

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